1. 1.1HSEPolicy Statement


It is the policy of Peloi Interior and External Construction Services Limited to conduct their activities to take account of the Health ,Safety and welfare of their employees and of any persons who maybe affected by its activities with proper regard to the conservation of the Environment, and will in so far as is reasonably practicable:-


  • Take steps to prevent incidents including work related ill health and damage to environment.
  • Train all employees to work safely and to understand that they have a responsibility to protect themselves. All employees shall comply with the HSE standards, rules, regulations and orders issued.
  • Ensure that management at all levels demonstrates this commitment by taking steps to prevent accidents and promote HSE excellence
  • Communicate that HSE has equal status along with other primary business objectives
  • Systematically identify hazards and conduct suitable and sufficient risk assessments, and provide adequate controls
  • Consult with employees and clients on HSE management and performance and give adequate information on relevant hazards to any person whose health and safety might be affected by them.
  • Provide safe handling & transport of harmful substance when doing same.
  • Comply with the most up to date relevant HSE legislation and standards
  • Ensure that all employees, clients and subcontractors comply with PIECS LTD policy and procedures as well as local regulations and those of the Client with respect to Health, Safety and Environment
  • Communicate that everyone is responsible for HSE and for stopping any work that is unsafe.Management is responsible for the implementation of this policy and will review and revise as required.

Clinton Peloi

Managing Director





Company initiatives Improve company's occupational health and safety standards Improve HSE short comings Provide adequate safety training programs to existing employees and complete annual orientation for all employees
Complete HSE requirements for STOW certification Ensure that PIECS LTD is ready for STOW certification audit by December 2012
Legal and regulatory compliance 2. Ensure legal and regulatory HSE compliance Develop waste management system Control Measures for the use and Disposal of Used oil, fiberglass,hazardous waste and automotive batteries
Develop a system to ensure legal compliance Complete Annual Gap Analysis for OSH Act and EM Act
Learning and Growth Ensure employees HSE performance accountability Eliminate drug and alcohol usage during work activities Drug and alcohol policy developed and implemented
Develop employee appraisal system inclusive of HSE performance Performance appraisal system developed and implemented
Management System Processes Strengthen operational controls for HSE Reduce risk associated with operational activities Near misses included in accident procedure an monitored
Ensure leadership site visits Management site visit inspection scheduled developed and a minimum of 12 visit completed